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Master categories / Plants / Roses / Rosa ( Rose ) / Rosa [Explorer]
Rosa 'A Mackenzie' (Alexander McKenzie) [explorer]
Rosa 'Captain Samuel Holland' [Explorer]
Rosa 'Champlain' [explorer]
Rosa 'Frontenac' [explorer]
Rosa 'George Vancouver' [explorer]
Rosa 'Henry Hudson' [explorer]
Rosa 'Henry Kelsey' [explorer]
Rosa 'J.P. Connell' [explorer]
Rosa 'Jens Munk' [explorer - Hybrid Rugosa]
Rosa 'John Cabot' [explorer]
Rosa 'John Davis' [explorer]
Rosa 'John Franklin' [explorer]
Rosa 'Lambert Closse' [explorer]
Rosa 'Louis Jolliet' [explorer]
Rosa 'Marie-Victorin' [explorer]
Rosa 'Martin Frobisher' [explorer]
Rosa 'Nicolas' [explorer] [explorer]
Rosa 'Royal Edward' [explorer]
Rosa 'Simon Fraser' [explorer]
Rosa 'William Baffin' [explorer]
Rosa 'William Booth' [explorer]

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